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    High-Brightness LED: economies of scale for new profit


      With the continuous development of LED lighting, high brightness LED lighting in common areas more and more to show strong growth momentum. As the strong demand for domestic lighting, high brightness LED market attention is gradually strengthened, driven by a variety of large-scale events but also to China's growing high-brightness LED applications grow into the largest market.

          Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow He pointed out that in China, in 2001 and 2004, the global high-brightness LED market reached a 44% compound annual growth rate, but 04 to 06 years, growth is slowing, with the increase of application types, although the high brightness LED production continues to increase, but did not reach 01 to 04 years of speed, because the development of high brightness LED's, after reaching a certain degree, the influence of large-scale technological advances gradually weakened, the price factor limiting their application has become major factor.

          In recent years, with the support of Governments and sought after, LED industry ushered in a new round of development of high tide, high brightness LED production increased year by year compound annual growth rate, the rate of price decrease very rapidly, which used to bring to the market a powerful driving force, of which the most prominent use of lighting market, but also the most mature. High-brightness LED lighting at this stage of the R & D competition

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